The art of backyard entertaining shifts when kids are on the guest list. Looking beyond cold beer and good tunes, here’s a step-by-step guide to making your tot-friendly BBQ a blast.

Stock up on extra sunscreen and bug repellant (for guests who come unprepared). We like Thinkbaby SPF 50+ and Honest Bug Spray, but the EWG offers a fairly comprehensive guide to all of the non-toxic options on the market.

Serve good eats (duh). Pair grass-fed beef burgers (this NC farm scored top marks in a WSJ taste test, and delivers to your door) with one of these 16 tempting sides. Dress things up with condiments from Sir Kensington’s—their ketchup has half the sugar as your basic squeeze bottle, the mayo’s made with free-range eggs, and it’s all non-GMO verified. Finish things off with a big batch of popsicles or s’mores.

Doll up the littles in something practical. Top this cool and breathable romper with a straw fedora, or zip the tykes into UV-protective sunsuits. Either way, keep tiny toes from burning in these bargain buys.

Be the life of the party. It has a different meaning than it did pre-kids. Nowadays, busting out homemade sidewalk chalk paint or a cooler full of ice eggs will make you the morning-after topic of conversation. Same goes for a DIY trike car wash and stocking the bar with organic mango lemonade—though, that’s not to say a nice bottle of rosé isn’t still in order.

Create tempting Instagram fodder. Festive wooden utensils, a frosty copper ice bucket filled with your fave bottles, and patio string lights all make for likable pics.