If you’ve seen one maternity ward packing list, you’ve seen them all—loungewear, toiletries, giant underpants. But here are a few things you may not think of, courtesy of our been-there-done-that editors and scouts.

A towel that’s all your own. No one who’s just birthed a human deserves scratchy, threadbare bath linens. A set of ear plugs. No, not to drown out baby’s cries–but your noisy neighbor and the nurses’ intercom announcements. Dry shampoo. This way, if that coveted shower is farther in the future than you’d hoped (C-section moms, we’re looking at you), you can fake grease-free, decent-looking new mom hair. A feel-good playlist. Round up your favorite songs into a soundtrack for your hospital stay; it will keep smiles wide and also trigger memories years later. And lastly, chargers, chargers, and more chargers. It would kind of be the worst to drain your camera battery right before you snap Grandma’s first kiss.