Rachel Zoe knows how to pull it together. The LA-based stylist has a killer wardrobe and her own blow dry salons (DreamDry)—not to mention impeccably dressed children and a beautiful new maternity collection for Pea in the Pod. And we can’t wait to get our hands on the Zoe Report’s new subscription box, Box of Style. As part of our Inspired Mom series, presented by ViaCord, we talked with Zoe about pregnancy style, LA family life, and her passionate efforts to help children in need.

We were impressed to read about how many charities you support. Do you have any favorites? Save the Children on a global level, and Baby2Baby and Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) on a local level. My mission, even before I became a mother, was to help children. I can’t bare the thought of any child without even just basic essentials. What inspires you to help others? I think just being a human being—having compassion. I think I’ve always had a strong philanthropic desire to help people. Since I was 9 and I saw “adopt a child for 10 cents a day” commercials, I wanted to help. I always felt blessed and fortunate, and as a result always wanted to do as much as I could for others, especially children. Wow. We remember those commercials, too. #Throwback. Any advice for ‘regular’ moms who aren’t sure how to get started in philanthropic work? What really matters is just finding that organization that you have a connection to. Or because you’ve experienced someone else’s pain and sense it first hand. We’re big fans of your new Pea in the Pod maternity line. (Gorge.) Tell us about that and how you got started. Since I was pregnant with Skyler, I’ve often been asked when I would be designing a maternity line. Being pregnant is the hardest time for women to get dressed, so I kept that in mind with my own collection. It’s all about comfortable fabrics, easy silhouettes, and separates that you can mix and match. We loved your look when you were pregnant. Any personal tips for moms? Just be comfortable. Everyone’s pregnancy and body is different—accentuate the part that you are most confident in. Show off your assets – your legs, your bump, your shoulders – keep your personal style, stay true to it. My basics were skinny jeans with boots, tunics and jackets.  Jackets for me were everything. How about kids’ clothes? Are there any lesser-known labels you really like for your boys? Nico Nico; Makié; Egg and Boy+Girl. What do you do with your boys’ gorgeous wardrobes once they outgrow them? After Kaius outgrows his baby clothes, I’m going to cry and save them in a treasure chest forever. There are some pieces I don’t think I can ever part with. But with most of the clothes my boys outgrow, I donate. Laughing. We know how you feel. What do you love doing as a family? We try and do as much as we can together. We love a great day at the beach or the park. And we love a Sunday swimming in our pool and simply eating at home. Where do you call home—do you split your time between LA and New York? Which city is better for kids? Los Angeles is home to us. Rodger and I have lived here for over 10 years now, and both our sons were born here. My family is in New York and because I grew up there, the Hamptons is where we spend our summers. I must say that raising two active boys who need to run, LA is much better suited for that. With that said, Skyler is enamored with New York. Central Park, the high rises, the museums—he loves to take it all in. Sounds like he has his mom’s sense of adventure. Thanks for chatting—and inspiring.