Get pregnant, become hyper aware of food and product labels. That’s the natural way of things. Fortunately, it’s now so easy to find organic, non-toxic—even sustainably produced baby goods. But vegan? Still a retail challenge.

As the founder of GirlieGirl Army, Chloé Jo Davis knows a thing or two about the vegan lifestyle. A few days past the due date of her third baby, she took a few minutes to share her short list of animal-free faves for littles.

It can be tricky to find winter wear free of duck down or fur parts, but 7 A.M. Enfant gets the job done, says Davis. “Patagonia also has good green jacketing options, she adds.” Vegan shoes aren’t exactly well stocked, either. Davis thinks these OlsenHaus booties (pictured, $40), made of faux suede, faux leather, and composite rubber, are adorable. We like these customizable sneaks from Fayvel (from $50), too. Davis also digs the diaper bags from Matt & Nat ($195) because they “look high-end and are made from recycled water bottles (PET).” They’re perfect for schlepping Totbots cloth diapers, which “steer clear of wool inserts.” And when it comes to toys, wooden playthings from brands like Soopsori and Haba or the recycled plastic Green Toys are at the top of her list. Davis favors Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Natural Nipple Butter ($12.95) as one of a few that don’t contain lanolin, a.k.a. “sheep sweat.” And to help explain it all to little ones, Davis says, “you can’t talk about vegan parenting without mentioning Ruby Roth’s books”–V Is for Vegan ($15) is a favorite in her home.