It’s officially busy season. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite ways to stay organized—and sane.

Put all the baby deets in one place. Petunia Pickle Bottom’s Beginnings book organizes appointments, medical info, and milestones with at-a-glance convenience ($64).

Keep a family calendar. Erin Condren’s colorful desk pad has designated spaces for each day of the week, plus room for notes, to-do’s, and doodles ($30, pictured).

Centralize the doctor info. Baby Bundle allows you to record pediatrician appointments, vaccinations, feeding schedules, growth, and other medical info from your phone.

Label everything you store. It’s hard to remember what you’ve stowed away for the next sibling or season. The Scan & Store Barcode Labels from Mabel’s Labels use QR codes to digitally record what you’ve stored, and in which box.

Tame your digital photo collection. Tinybeans makes sense of thousands of baby pictures with its clever calendar journal format.

Put food pouches in one place. Boon’s Petal Pouch Storage cleans up all those squeezable snacks in your pantry ($17.99).

Make some shelf space. Contain baby bottles and sippy cups with this universal organizer ($29.99).

Aggregate the hair accessories.  Keep track of teeny barrettes and bows with this handy holder ($22.99).

Compartmentalize the bottomless pit of your diaper bag. Lily Jade’s Baby Bag Organizer has multiple pockets to relegate diapers, wipes, bottles, wet bags, and such to their own, separate spaces ($45).

Clear off the refrigerator door. Artkive de-clutters art projects with its smart online storage program–plus you can create keepsakes like hardcover books ($4.99).