Google “first birthday party,” and you’ll find an overwhelming amount of crap. But there are plenty of fabugorge supplies out there. We swear. For starters, check out minted’s selection of indie-designed first birthday invites; there are more than one hundred choices, and you can sort by most popular, price, or new designs. From there, it’s all about the photo ops. We’re borderline obsessed with the old-school birthday party hats from Etsy seller Dainty Couture and the felt crowns by Little Blue Olive. And although Birthday Direct is admittedly one of the worst junk-décor offenders, we’re suckers for their 3-foot-tall foil #1 balloons ($8 each) in pink, blue, and silver. Old Navy caries an adorable puff-cap sleeve “one” tee for girls (bonus points for it’s not being pink), and psycho baby carries a great selection of first birthday bibs for the cake moment. Speaking of the cake moment, nothing looks cuter with a single candle than a giant cupcake cake.