Tis’ the season for bell peppers, beets, corn, and cukes—not to mention squash, zucchini, eggplants, green beans, snap peas, carrots, and tomatoes. But despite the colorful, sweet nature of summer veggies, it can be a challenge to convince a resistant toddler to give ’em a go. We asked our nutritional expert, Hillary Baron Irwin of Simply Beautiful Mom, how to sneak them in to little diets.

Mix veggies with something your child already likes. “Add shredded zucchini, squash, or carrots to muffins or pancakes.”

Turn them into chips. “Use a crinkle cutter to cut cucumbers and carrots into fun veggie chips that kids can dip in dressing, hummus, or salsa.”

Make an edible bouquet. “Use mini cookie cutters to cut raw or grilled veggies into fun shapes; bunch them together with skewers and cream cheese to make a delicious veggie flower bouquet.”

Slip them into a smoothie.Blend Greek yogurt, ice, pineapple and kale . . . sweet, delicious, and full of nutrients.

Grow your own. “If you have room for a garden—big or small—go for it. Research shows that children are more apt to try the veggies if they had a hand in growing them.”