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Ivanka Trump is one of the busiest moms we know, juggling real estate, television, and fashion endeavors—not to mention raising her 2-year-old daughter, Arabella. And now she and her husband, publisher Jared Kushner, have Number Two on the way. But perhaps most impressive is the great work she’s doing to help girls around the world through Girl Up. We caught up with Ivanka about philanthropy, motherhood, and business.

StrollerTraffic: We’re impressed by what we’ve heard about Girl Up. Tell us more.
Ivanka Trump: Girl Up is a United Nations Foundation campaign that’s all about inspiring young girls in challenging situations to educate themselves. The initiative is based on galvanizing young American girls to help their adolescent peers around the globe. It’s a watershed moment for global women’s issues.

ST: So inspiring. How and when did you become involved?
Trump: I joined the campaign in 2010. Since then, I have had the privilege of partnering with philanthropies, organizations, women and girls who are supporting programs that educate and empower the world’s girls. I’m so proud to be involved with such a worthy cause.

ST: Why this one, when there are so many female-empowering charities?
Trump: Girl Up’s ‘for girls, by girls’ approach fosters success on both sides of the equation. Not only are girls around the world becoming inspired, but they are inspiring American girls (and boys!) to become global forces of change. Girl Up aims to ensure that all girls—no matter where they are born—can get the tools they need to be educated, healthy, counted, and positioned to be the next generation of leaders.

ST: Amen to that. What do you, personally, do to promote this cause?
Trump: My first contribution was actually a bracelet I designed for Girl Up. The proceeds were committed to Girl Up in each of the four countries where there are currently programs. Since then I’ve been dedicated to supporting their great work through social campaigns and event attendance.

ST: All of us moms are so busy, juggling. Do you feel there are sacrifices you’ve made in order to devote so much time to Girl Up?
Trump: Having a daughter certainly strengthens my interest in being a part of this campaign. I want Arabella to grow up to be a thriving, educated, healthy young woman and to live in a world where women are positioned to succeed, not expected to fail. I also want to be an example for her as a strong, ambitious woman who demonstrates the importance of giving back.

ST: Hear, hear. Any tips for new moms on trying to “have it all?”
Trump: It’s about finding a balance and having the right priorities. I’m fortunate to have a very supportive and equally driven husband, but our family is most important to both of us. Proximity is key—nothing beats living close enough to the office, so I can run home in between meetings for a few precious moments with Arabella. I have learned to become incredibly efficient!

ST: How do you spend those precious moments with Arabella?

Trump: Mornings hanging on the floor of her room are the best part of every day.

ST: What else do you enjoy doing together these days?
Trump: Everything! It’s been incredible to watch her personality develop over the last year. I thought motherhood was exciting before—and now she’s walking and talking.  She is sweet and feisty and very independent. It’s a whole new world.

ST: What activities is Arabella into?
Trump: She is definitely in a discovery phase. It’s been very cool and inspiring to watch her curiosity flourish. To see her learn and discover even the littlest thing is an amazing experience.

ST: You’re a style icon. Is it as much fun to shop for her as it is to shop for yourself?

Trump: Absolutely! I would describe it as an exercise in self-control. Almost everything looks adorable in size 2T. She is now at that age where she likes to mimic me while I get dressed, so she’ll come in my closet and try on my shoes. It is amazing (and frightening) that she’s already mastered walking in heels!

ST: OMG. The cutest. What are your plans for summer?
Trump: Our massive $250 million renovation of the Doral resort in Miami began in March, so I will be spending a lot of time commuting to Miami to oversee the project. The resort was once the pinnacle of luxury in south Florida and my family and I fully intend on restoring that reputation . . . and then some. I’ll also be spending quite a bit of time in Washington, D.C. as our plans for the Old Post Office move forward. I’m very excited to be spearheading this project as well, along with my father and brothers.

ST: Amazing. What about your lifestyle brand? What’s the latest?
Trump: Most recently I launched my debut fragrance, Ivanka Trump. I love its combination of femininity and sensuality. Earlier this year, I announced plans to produce my own home collection. Home trends are influenced by fashion and vice versa, so it’s no surprise that my fashion sense heavily influences my personal home décor—and will translate into the overall home collection’s design aesthetic.

ST: We cannot wait to see what you come up with. Thanks for chatting with us, and best wishes for your baby on the way!