Some registry items are obvious—onesies, bottles, a car seat. But other items—even ones you really, really need—are often overlooked by new parents. If we were expecting in 2014, here are ten things we’d be sure to have on hand when you-know-who arrives. 
1. A stroller cup holder. Because new moms need easy access to caffeine.

2. Soothing tunes that everyone likes. Because it helps you calm down, and it helps him sleep.

3. A variety of diapers. Because you won’t know which will work best for your baby until she actually wears them.

4. Ditto for binkies.

5. A notebook or journal for keeping track of feedings, diaper changes, and sleep. Because it’s impossible to remember what happened two minutes ago, let alone at 3am.

6. A stockpile of maxi pads. Because no matter how you deliver, you’re going to be needing more than the hospital gives you.

7. Super-comfortable pants that are also reasonably magically flattering. Because that’s all new moms want to wear.

8. A block-it-all-out sound machine. Because constantly shushing everyone during nap time gets old fast.

9. A digital SLR camera. Because you’ll always be a second behind with a point-and-shoot.

10. A friend with a newborn. Because you’ll need moral support, and moms of 2-year-olds just don’t remember how it is.