Whether you grew up watching Blossom or are currently hooked on The Big Bang Theory, you know Mayim Bialik.(We also adored her as the young Bette Midler in Beaches.) Beyond the acting, she’s a mom of two, with a PhD in neuroscience from UCLA. But what makes Bialik our November Inspired Mom of the Month is the new medical ID bracelet she’s designed to raise awareness for pediatric illnesses including epilepsy, cancer, diabetes and allergies. We caught up with Bialik about her recent efforts.

StrollerTraffic: Tell us about the new medical ID accessories from Hope Paige.
Mayim Bialik: Hope Paige is a company that is making medical ID bracelets fun and desirable to wear, instead of something that no child wants to put on every day. There are multiple designs to choose from, and there’s even a feature where you can completely design your own bracelet.

ST: Such a great idea. How did you get involved?
MB:  I was asked to design a bracelet for them to sell for charity. Being a mom it is hard to say no to helping a child in any way one can; I was more than willing to help support the Golisano Children’s Hospital.

ST: Child health issues are close to your heart. Do you have personal experiences you can share?
MB: I have my Ph.D. specializing in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in adolescents with Prader-Willi syndrome. My two young boys suffer from allergies, and medical ID bracelets such as Hope Paige give me reassurance that my kids will be taken care of in case I am not present during an emergency.

ST: We understand those kinds of worries. So how does the bracelet program work, exactly?
MB: The bracelet that I chose to design is made of red guitar strings along with various playful charms. One of the charms is the medical ID shaped as a heart that can be engraved. The charm can have any personalized medical information, so medical professionals can properly treat an emergency.

ST: Brilliant! All the money raised goes to building the Golisano Children’s Hospital at the University of Rochester Medical Center. What kind of work do they do there? How do they help kids and families?
MB: Their mission is to help children and their families know what to expect during their stay and how to get the assistance they need. They aim to provide the best care in a bright, welcoming atmosphere where children can be children and their fears can be calmed.

ST: How can other mothers help?
MB: Other mothers can help spread awareness—about the various illnesses as well as resources such as the Hope Paige bracelets. These bracelets can help save a child’s life in an emergency, so spreading awareness is crucial.
ST: Thanks, Mayim. We’ll do what we can to help spread the word.