When we have a question about green living, we go straight to Honest Company co-founder and the former CEO of Healthy Child, Healthy World, Christopher Gavigan. So, what kind of eco-buzz can we expect this year? “Happily, there’s a lot of momentum in the movement to protect our environment and to protect our health from toxic chemicals, he says. “Here are three trends I think we can expect in 2014.”
Greater concern about packaging. With consumer awareness of the importance of what’s inside a product swelling, more and more people will be transitioning to the next stage of eco-living, which is focusing on safe, eco-friendly packaging. Things like avoiding BPA in food cans and switching to safe reusable water bottles will become the status quo.
A return to heritage quality goods. People are increasingly investing in high quality products—better products, as opposed to more. This comes both as a backlash against cheap products that simply end up in the landfill and as nostalgia for simpler times (“the good old days”) as we try to find balance in our hectic, digitized lives.
A real awakening to the risky chemicals all around us. Food dyes and flame retardants are continually in the headlines, making it nearly impossible to ignore the fact that we need comprehensive chemical safety reform. This year I think pressure on Congress, state governments, and manufacturers will hit an all-time high. (And if you want to add to that pressure, saferchemicals.org and safecosmetics.org are two good places to learn more and get involved.)