The annual ABC Kids Expo, where companies showcase their new and forthcoming products, hit Vegas last week. Our Gear Guy, Jamie Grayson, was there, testing the most exciting new baby gear. Here’s his take on the coolest stuff coming down the pike.
Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 4-35
What it is: The new (and much improved) Peg Perego infant car seat.
Why I can’t wait: It’s two pounds lighter than its predecessor, has new inserts for smaller infants, and has a great install without the base (which will be helpful for taxis and traveling). Peg has really upped its game in the infant car seat market; this was my favorite new car seat at ABC this year.
Due date: March or April 2014.
SRP: $279.99
What it is: A wearable comfort pillow for moms.
Why I can’t wait: At first I thought this looked crazy. Then I tried it on. It’s basically a cotton sling with two pillows full of rice that you can heat or freeze (to ease pain from engorgement, mastitis, etc.) And the entire neck area is full of rice, as well. It feels heavenly. You can also take the pillows off the sling and attach them to a bra or wear the NuzzleHUG around your waist to help with cramps. Or so I’ve been told. It’s amazing and I want one for myself.
Due date: Available now at—and hopefully a few retailers will wise-up and carry it soon.
SRP: $49.99-58.99
Ergobaby 360 Carrier
What is is: A new four-position carrier from Ergo.
Why I can’t wait: I’ve worn the new 360 Carrier with a 22-pound child and it’s incredibly comfortable—with a great new wide waist belt. This is the very first Ergo carrier that allows for an outward-facing position. (This is a controversial move for Ergo as there are claims that having a baby face outward can be harmful physically and emotionally, although there is no hard medical evidence to support any of those claims.) With the facing-out position in this particular carrier, a child is supported knee-to-knee and actually “sits” in the carrier. It’s incredibly supportive in all positions, and it’s a beautiful option for parents who want their child to be able to face outward once they have head and neck control (around 6 months).
Due date: April 2014
4moms rockaRoo
What it is: A reinvented baby swing.
Why I can’t wait: As cool as the original 4moms mamaRoo is, sometimes babies just want the back-and-forth motion of a swing. So the rockaRoo is 4moms’ answer to the traditional baby swing. It has a small footprint, assembles quickly, and looks nice. Sorry, giant swings that take up your entire living room. Your time has passed.
Due date: Late December 2013
SRP: $159-179, depending on fabric
HoneyBee Child SwingEase
What it is: A seat that coverts a regular playground swing into a baby swing.
Why I can’t wait: How many times have you gone to the park to find all the baby swings taken? The SwingEase clips into traditional swing chains and turns a regular seat into a bucket-style seat for babies. I love how it folds into its own small pouch for travel so you can throw it under your stroller. It’s one of the best things I saw at ABC this year…or any year.
Due date: November 2013 at
SRP: $49.99
Brica TubTub
What it is: A convertible baby/toddler bathtub.
Why I can’t wait: Made of material that will not get cold like harder plastic tubs, the two-tubs-in-one TubTub has an angled seat for newborns. When your child gets old enough to sit on her own, just flip the tub over and press down, and the flexible material converts into a deeper tub for toddlers. There’s a drain, and there are no crevices to clean. It’s brilliant, which is saying a lot for a tub. Did I mention it converts into a step stool with a 200-pound weight limit?
Due date: Sometime in 2014
SRP: $79.99