We don’t know many moms who have the time or energy to hand-stitch every inch of their babies’ Halloween costumes. (Especially when it’s so easy to order a really cute one from Pottery Barn Kids or Chasing Fireflies.) But we do like the idea of pulling together something cute—from elements our kids can actually wear again. So here are a few low-maintenance ways to DIY. Sort of.

Crayon. In honor of one of this year’s hottest new picture books, The Day the Crayons Quit, pick a color, dress your kid in it from head to toe, and top it off with a hand-knit (not by you) crayon hat. Bonus points for spelling out the color name with stick-on black letters.

Monster. Monster costumes are trending this year, due in no small part to the summer blockbuster. Keep it simple with a bright green shirt and leggings, and bright green one-eyed hat.

Elephant and Piggie. There’s a new Elephant and Piggie book coming soon (woo-hoo!) and we love the idea of dressing siblings as this pair. Piggie can wear a pink top and leggings and some pig accessories, while Gerald can sport big elephant ears, grey sweatpants, a grey sweatshirt, and glasses (try popping out the lenses of his babiators).

Charlie Brown. For something a little more retro, pair a yellow onesie with a black zigzag with a pair of black shorts (and maybe a Snoopy stuffed animal). If you already have a yellow tee, add the zigzag yourself.

Pumpkin. It doesn’t get much easier than this one (which happens to be a nice complement to the Charlie Brown costume, for fans of It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown). Just pair an orange shirt with a pumpkin beanie and go.