Being a mom is hard. Admittedly, in many ways it’s not as hard as it used to be—we can get all our baby supplies delivered in less than 24 hours; we have playards that set up at the press of a button; and there are collapsible infant tubs with storage hooks. But it’s still really flipping hard. Here are ten things someone really, really ought to invent.
An odor-detecting baby monitor. Because one thing a video monitor can’t tell us is: Did he poop, or didn’t he?
A door-opening stroller. Because there’s just no graceful way to hold a door open while trying to push a stroller through it.
A tasty, 100 percent effective sunscreen drink. Because smearing lotion all over a squirmy toddler without missing a spot is almost impossible.

A car seat that can safely attach to any car with one click. Because strapping in a car seat correctly ain’t easy.
A digital pediatrician that can diagnose anything accurately, at home, in seconds. Because we sleep a lot better when we know for sure that a fever or rash or funny bump isn’t anything to worry about.
A gizmo that keeps bottles secured to the counter. Because it’s beyond awkward to unscrew the top while holding a baby in one arm.
A baby carrier that makes a kid completely weightless. Because our backs ache after a while, no matter how comfy the carrier.
An automatic crib-sheet changer. Because doing it with one hand while holding a sick baby requires way too much coordination at 3am. Or 3pm, for that matter.
A self-cleaning high chair that also scrubs the surrounding floor area. Because food gets everywhere. Everywhere.
Someone who would tell us every day (hourly, as needed) that we’re doing a great job. Because we are—even in the absence of these sorely needed inventions.