This week we’re giving props to the innovative gadgets and comforting staples that ease our multi-tasking lives. And in a few weeks we’ll follow up with a short list of the things we wish someone would invent.

1. Kiinde twist pouches offer nursing moms a more sensible way to store breast milk. $9.99 for 20 at
2. The Good Nite Lite convinces early risers to stay quiet until a reasonable hour. $34.99 at (note: they are constantly selling out and restocking).
3. It’s a good idea to use the OXO Tot Straw and Sippy Cup cleaning set to remove the small-parts gunk that the dishwasher misses. $4.99 at
4. An aden + anais swaddle blanket is a lovie, a swaddler, a stroller shade—it’s the most versatile thing you’ll ever own. $32 for a 2-pack at
5. CARES is an FAA-approved five-point harness that enables toddlers to safely sit big-kid style in an airplane seat. $74.95 at
6. Saving the Earth is one reason to stock up on Lunchskins‘ handy reusable sandwich and snack bags. They’re also pretty flipping cute. $7.85 for a snack bag at
7. It’s much easier to crank a HoMedics SoundSpa Portable noise machine than to constantly remind siblings, “Shh. The baby is sleeping.” (n.b. Dr. Harvey Karp suggests the “Waterfall” setting, super-loud.) $19.99 at
8. Convert a car seat into a quasi-stroller for long airport walks with the gogo Kidz Travelmate. $89.99 at (Just don’t attempt curbs.)
9. Sign up for an Honest Company diaper subscription. Really, we just can’t say enough good things about their nappies—or the convenience of an automatic delivery. $79.95 per month at
10. Tiny Bites scissors (or any kitchen shears, really) take the frustration out of cutting grapes and pasta into toddler bites. $9.99 for two at
11. 7 A.M. Enfant WarmMuffs look a little awkward, but you’ll thank us all winter long. $38 at
12. The Think King Mighty Buggy Hook is like having an extra set of hands while pushing the stroller. $14.99 for two at
13. The Rhoost Corner Guard takes the hideousness out of furniture corner covers. $14.99 at
14. With Summer Infant’s Ultimate Crib Sheet, you can change wet (or slobbered on) crib bedding without lifting the mattress. $22.09 at
15. Every toddler should have at least one pair of Tiny Toms. Style, comfort, philanthropy. It’s all good. From $32 at
16. The StrollAway over-the-closet stroller hook saves major space in small apartments. $39.99 at
17. Sophie the Giraffe: toy, teether, crowd-pleaser. $22.99 at
18. Stuff 1-oz spray bottles of Clean Well natural hand sanitizer in to as many bags and coat pockets as you can. Just in case. $3.18 per bottle at
19. The UPPAbaby Easy-Fit Car & SUV Sunshade is your baby’s best shot at a solid back-seat nap. $9.99 at
20. Try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for whatever they smear on your walls. $7.25 for a 2-pack at
21. Wean Green cubes are a pretty and practical storage solution for DIY purees. $22.99 per 4-pack at
22. And . . . the Little Green Pouch. Another cool thingamajiggy for DIY baby fooders. $15.39 for a 4-pack at
23. Skip Hop playspot tiles are the most decent-looking way to offer your baby a comfy spot to make a mess. $79 at
24. Don’t say you’ll never suck snot from your baby’s nose with your mouth until you’ve tried it. The Nosefrida is a true lifesaver. $15.99 at
25. They’ll spill fewer Cheerios if you serve them in the Munchkin Snack Catcher (pictured). $3.99 at