For many new parents, the knee-jerk reaction to having a baby is to detox everything in sight and stock up on safer choices, like organic grains and fabrics, energy-efficient light bulbs, and plant-based cleaners. That’s why we got so excited when the brilliant team behind launched, where everything is made with organic, natural, or mostly sustainable materials and ingredients. Vine stocks everything from grocery and household items to baby essentials, beauty supplies, and décor.

And now, Vine’s handy new Natural Home Guide arms parents with smart, room-by-room tips toward creating a healthier home. Beyond suggesting smart product solutions such as plant-based cleaners to wipe countertops, and ultra-concentrated detergent to reduce water and energy waste, the Guide advises on things like how to shop for a non-toxic crib mattress and how to spot organic bedding that’s treated with chemical-based finishes (eek!).

And of course like everything else in the network, delivery is lightning fast and shipping is free with orders over $35. Bonus: StrollerTraffic readers get 20% off their next order, with code 20STROLLER; through May 1, 2013. Happy (Healthy) Shopping!

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