As co-founder of the Honest Company and former CEO of Healthy Child, Healthy World, Christopher Gavigan knows more than pretty much anyone about what it means to live a chemical-free, Earth-respecting life. And according to him, the green-living spotlight this year will be on consumers’ increased pressure on brands to come clean. “The good news in 2013 is that consumers are increasingly aware of how their choices are making impacts,” explains Gavigan. “They are empowered with increased access to information—and brands must move from having ‘nothing to hide’ to pro-actively showing and proving they have nothing to hide. This is truly a phenomenal shift  . . . one that will positively help communities and further the health and engagement of society.”

We couldn’t agree more. Gavigan practices what he preaches, too, saying of the Honest Company, “We are truly  committed to being über-transparent and we aim to be the model that other companies will follow.” To do your part, Gavigan suggests using Consumer Reports’ label-reading guide,, to ensure safer, better products for your family.