The true special-ness of a birthday party is in the details. To that end, we’ve asked Sweets Stylist and all-around party pro Amy Atlas for a glimpse of the coolest trends coming down the kids-party pipeline in 2013.
Popcorn is the new ice cream. “Gourmet popcorn bars are going to be big in 2013. Much like sundae bars, they’ll be stocked with fun toppings like chocolate chips and Reeses Pieces to sweeten up those fluffy kernels. ”
Dinosaur everything. “2013 marks 20 years since the initial release of the movie Jurrasic Park, and with the re-release of the 3-D version this April, we’re expecting a whole lot of dinosaur-themed parties.”
[Real] princess parties. “Princesses are always a hit with little girls, but considering the pending birth of William and Kate’s baby, the focus on royalty is going to be over-the-top in 2013.”
Jewel-toned décor. “Rainbow parties were a big trend in 2012, but with Pantone’s announcement of Emerald green as the 2013 Color of the Year, we are going to see a big shift toward gemstone palettes.”