Some moms make their kids’ costumes entirely from scratch. Others buy ‘em on Most of us fall somewhere in the middle. That’s why we like the idea of semi-DIY. Here’s how to pull together a few adorable getups (inspired by this year’s buzz-worthy books and musicals), with separates your kids might actually use more than once. And hey, let’s all make a pact not to judge one another on the outcomes, okay?

Olivia. A costume inspired by the newest Olivia book, Olivia and the Fairy Princesses, is a clever compromise if your daughter likes pink tutus and you roll your eyes at girly-girly stuff. (Or vice-versa.) Start with black and white striped tights or leg warmers, and a striped shirt. Top those with a pale pink tutu, fairy wings, and a tiara-and-wand set. Buy some pale pink pig ears, or get extra credit for making your own. Then teach her how to look skeptical about the whole thing.
Max. It’s a good year to pay homage to Maurice Sendak (R.I.P.). Create your wild thing’s “wolf suit” with a natural-colored one-piece or coverall. Add a tail, and some gloves and socks adorned with sticks-on-felt claws. Finish the ensemble with a cozy crown.
Annie and Sandy. We couldn’t be more excited that Annie is opening on Broadway this week, and we love the idea of big sisters and baby brothers as Annie and Sandy. You’ll need a sweet red dress with white accents, foldover white socks, and black mary janes. Bonus points if she has curly red hair; otherwise, we say forgo the scratchy wigs and just do cute pigtails if her hair is long enough. Remember that Sandy is a mixed breed, so don’t stress about getting the costume details perfect. Try natural or khaki colored pajamas with a sweet handmade doggie hat.
Ladybug Girl. We can’t imagine a toddler gal who wouldn’t love romping around in Lulu’s getup: a long-sleeved red tee, red tutu, ladybug boots, and red wings with antennae.
Harold. In honor of the recent board book release of Harold and the Purple Crayon, try the simplest baby costume ever: blue footie PJs and a big plush purple crayon to hold.