The Olympics are almost here, and we’re looking forward to teaching our tots about patriotism, teamwork, and the importance of practice. But if we’re being totally honest here, we’re just as excited to dress up our babies in some of this adorable Team USA gear. The official online shop of the U.S. Olympic Team stocks footie pajamas ($29.95), London 2012 tees ($12.95), and an especially charming polo dress ($29.95). Although we know Ralph Lauren is taking heat for manufacturing the U.S. Olympic team’s outfits in China, we have to admit his 2012 U.S. Olympic Collection for Baby ($19.50 to $75) is flipping adorable. On the other hand, American Apparel’s U.S. flag tank ($14) is definitely made in the USA. TOMS roots for the home team with a Stars and Stripes version ($29) of its Tiny TOMS Classics. As always, for every pair purchased TOMS sends a pair to a child in need. Pack snacks in Dabbawalla’s Stars & Stripes or Union Jack insulating lunch bag ($30). Or pack your baby into a Union Jack Snugli ($39.99). We are also still loving the Gap London and USA Edition tees and onesies and USA diapers we told you about in the spring. And because it’s not just about what you wear or carry, but how you play the game, check out these “high performance athlete” figures and the new Olympics-inspired picture book Olympig: The Triumphant Story of an Underdog, a funny and hopeful tale of an aspiring Olympian (who also happens to be a pig).