Bath squirters sure are fun. They’re also prime breeding grounds for nasty black mold. (Go ahead and gasp.) So unless you have the patience to squeeze out every last drop of water after each bath—and even that isn’t a guarantee—opt instead for toys that don’t trap water.

For starters, nearly everything in boon’s bath toy collection is mold-resistant; their version of squirters have screw-on tops for easy draining and cleaning, and their adorable “odd ducks” have molded bottoms to keep water out. We’re also big fans of stacking toys as a crowd-pleasing, easy-to-clean option—Kid O, Skip Hop, and Green Toys all make cool variations. Round it out with a Green Toys’ tugboat and Alex Toys’ Tub Tunes water flutes or water drums, and you’ve got yourself one heckuva bathtime arsenal.