We asked Elizabeth Demers of Bump Smitten to pick some fresh and fabulous (yet doable) shower trends. Here’s what she’s loving right now.
Steer away from the usual pastel palette.
“I like an all-white shower for spring and summer. You could also try pairing gold with pink, or a stage a rainbow-themed baby shower.”

Offer a milk-and-cookies bar.
“Similar to this winter’s trendy s’mores bar, the milk-and-cookies bar is a lot of fun (but no work!) for guests. Offer an array of cookies—from traditional to avant garde—and glasses or pitchers of milk, maybe in more than one flavor. Don’t forget the straws.”
Create a Wishing Tree.
“Place a few tree branches in a vase with pebbles or candy. Provide some cute stationery or tags and a few nice pens and have everyone write a special note for the mom-to-be. Hang the notes on the wishing tree with ribbon or attach them with clothespins. After the shower, collect all the notes and assemble them into a keepsake book.”
Go for a look of rustic elegance.
“Mix rustic logs and vintage tableware with fresh flowers. Wrap twinkly lights around potted trees or tree branches in large vases.”
Send real invitations.
“Electronic invites are overplayed. Paper feels modern again. Boxed invitations are very trendy, especially those with a small trinket or candy inside. I also love the wraparound label: print the address and return address on one sticker and wrap it around the envelope. Fast and easy!”