Our trusted Gear Guy, Jamie Grayson (a.k.a. The Baby Guy NYC) shares his thoughts on the biggest new product releases in baby land: Clek’s new toddler car seat, 4Moms’ super-gadgety stroller, Stokke’s take on the bouncer, and phil&teds’ new buggy.

Clek Foonf, $475
“Clek’s new convertible car seat is one of the most anticipated car seats to ever hit the market. Suitable from six months (once child is holding his own head up) through 45 pounds, the Foonf allows for extended rear-facing to meet the AAP’s new recommendation that babies rear-face until at least age 2.  Forward-facing, the Foonf has a weight limit of 65 pounds, and a height maximum of 49 inches. As with all Clek seats, the Foonf uses Rigid LATCH install, which means you basically “slam” the LATCH attachment into place, making installation a breeze. The Foonf also features a new safety technology called REACT, which functions much like a crumple zone in a car—absorbing energy in a frontal crash that can reduce crash forces by 40 percent. Bonus: the Foonf is one of the narrowest car seats on the market, enabling three-across in most back seats. Did I mention it’s also 100 percent recyclable?”

4Moms Origami, $849.99
“Billed as the first-ever power-folding stroller, the Origami has been catching a lot of buzz. How’s this:  power fold and unfold (amazing!), headlights, LED Screen that reports temperature, how far you’ve walked, and if a kid is in the seat (so that the stroller will never fold with a child inside). Oh, it charges your smartphone, too. WHAAT?  It is a smooth ride, but the built-in generator makes it a much heavier vehicle to push. The Origami is suitable from birth (with optional bassinet attachment or adapter for Graco infant seats) to 40 pounds. Downside? It’s tough to cough up $850 for a stroller than only offers a forward-facing seat.”

Stokke Bounce ‘N’ Sleep, $449.98
“It’s been a long wait for Stokke’s version of the bouncer, and I’m thrilled to say they’re nailing it. The Bounce ‘N’ Sleep comprises two separate components: a wonderful bouncer that can sit at an angle or recline completely flat (!), and a separate daybed that can be used independently. The mattress support is well-ventilated to promote proper airflow, and you can carry around the entire unit with integrated handles. Bonus: it will accommodate babies up to six months, outlasting any bassinet you can find. And, since it’s hardly an eyesore, the Bounce ‘N’ Sleep can double as storage once your baby has outgrown it—it’s really deep and will hold a LOT of toys.”

phil&teds promenade, $849.99
“phil&teds has graduated from all-terrains into the wold of modular strollers with the sleek design and VERY flat fold of the promenade. Like most modular strollers, the promenade features a bassinet, car seat compatibility, and a toddler seat. What really sets the promenade apart is an adjustable foot rest—and the fact that the bassinet and toddler seat is the same unit—there’s no removing fabric, no extra pieces to store . . . you just release or fasten a strap to convert. Other nice features include a handle that telescopes outward for comfort, and a reversible seat that’s very easy to flip around. The promenade converts into a double, and unlike most other strollers where the additional seat has a lighter weight limit, both seats can accommodate up to 40 pounds. There’s also a swing-away belly bar, a huge sun canopy with extended sun shade, and great storage underneath. The wheels are foam, which means no flats, and independent suspension results in a nice, smooth ride.  I do wish it came in something other than black, but it will do quite well for now.”