Our resident Gear Guy, Jamie Grayson of The Baby Guy NYC, returned last week from a few days spent playing with all of the new baby gear at the ABC Kids Expo trade show, and reports back here with his favorite finds.

Orbit Baby Double Helix
The long-awaited double from Orbit Baby rocks. While you can purchase it as an entire double stroller system, the Double Helix is also sold as a separate attachment. The add-on frame attaches to existing G2 models, and accommodates the Orbit Infant Car Seat, G2 Seat, or Toddler Car Seat—and because both positions of the Double Helix can accommodate whichever seats you want, taller kids can sit up top without squishing their legs into an uncomfortable position. But the best part—aside from its amazing maneuverability—is that I am 6-foot-2 and I cannot kick the back. To see the Orbit in action check out my made-on-the-fly video demo from ABC.
The Orbit Double Helix has an estimated price of less than $200 for the add-on, and launches next Spring.

Onya Baby Carrier
I’ve waited for this carrier to launch since last year’s ABC show, and am thrilled to announce it has arrived. Suitable from 15 pounds (around 3 months) through 45 pounds, this soft-structured carrier is very comfortable and incredibly well-made (not to mention cute!). There is fantastic attention to detail: even the buckles are covered with fabric to eliminate visible plastic parts. Bonus: when you unzip the front pouch, there’s a piece of fabric that pulls out and converts the Onya into a safe portable high chair with a table-leg tether that prevents the chair from scooting or tipping.
The Onya Baby Carrier is available for $149 at onyababy.com.

Arm & Hammer Sit Down Potty with Wipes from Munchkin
Frankly, training toilets kind of gross me out. However, this one might change my mind. The Arm & Hammer Sit Down Potty has a removable seat that can work on a standard toilet, plus a terrific container that is quite easy to change without, well, spilling. And, get this, there are flushable wipes stored in a dispenser built into the side!  Simple but terrific idea!
The Arm & Hammer Sit Down Potty with Wipes will soon be available at Target for $29.99.

Koala Kin Nursing Pouch
I’ll be honest: I had my doubts. But boy am I glad I gave the Koala Kin a chance. Mothers use pillows for breastfeeding support—why not a pouch? The Koala Kin pouch attaches to an easy-to-adjust harness that slips on like a carrier. Once the baby latches on, the pouch is pulled up and snapped closed—leaving the baby’s face completely in-view. The Koala Kin is also much more travel-friendly than a nursing pillow. A product that might help women breastfeed longer is okay in my book.
The Koala Kin Nursing Pouch retails for $90 at koalakin.com.