—Photo by JellyBean Pictures

Skype is so 2005. But Skype mobile, that’s a whole other story. While you (and your in-laws) are waiting for it to launch, here are five cool new ways to connect the generations.

1. If you want to talk to both sets of grandparents at once—or have the cousins on the line, too—check out Fring, for four-way video chatting.

2. Cisco’s Umi “telepresence” system enables video chatting and messaging through your HDTV, for that Wow, it’s like they’re right in our living room feeling.

3. For those of you still mourning the death of the Flip, move on already with Sony’s Bloggie.

4. To keep grandparents (or anyone smitten with your kid) in the loop about every hiccup, try blogging with baveo.com, sending e-updates with lilgrams.com, or creating a (private) website all about your baby with totspot.com.

5. And if you’re struggling with non-tech-savvy boomers, make it easy on them by putting together a Tiny Prints photo keepsake book. It’s a new service from Tiny Prints and, not surprisingly, they offer super-easy DIY designs. (Throw in a few images of your kid’s “artwork” to make them really swoon.)