—Photo by JellyBean Pictures

Did your mom used to freeze apple juice in ice cube trays—with Saran Wrap and tooth picks—and call them popsicles? Yep. Us, too. We love the idea of DIY summertime treats and asked the Queen of Sweets herself, Amy Atlas, for some creative ideas beyond those budget-but-beloved pops from our childhood.

Shave some ice, add your tot’s favorite juice (orange, cranberry, grape), and scoop it into a cute paper cup. Serve with great spoons, and you have yourself a light summery treat (think Snoopy Snow Cone). Note: To shave ice, thoroughly clean out a milk carton; fill with water and freeze. Once frozen, rip off the carton and put the ice through an electric ice shaver.

Slice strawberries and put them into a flat-bottom ice cream cone. Top with whipped cream for a “Strawberry Short Cone.”

Bake these adorable lemonade cookies. For an easier version, bake Pillsbury sugar cookies, decorate with royal icing, and attach a “straw” made from a pretzel stick.

Spread peanut butter around chilled green lady apples and roll them in mini chocolate chips. Insert lollipop sticks and place the treat in an adorable cupcake wrapper. For kids with peanut allergies, caramel will work just as well.

Cut up a banana into 1/4-inch bites, dip them in chocolate and freeze. Serve in a cute banana split boat.