—Photo by JellyBean Pictures

With Memorial Day behind us, summer is [unofficially] in full swing. (Woot! Woot!) But before you stock up on sunblock and sand toys, check out these indispensable bits of advice from our talented panel of experts.

Summers make the best memories. So we asked our favorite tastemakers, the founders of SISSY+MARLEY, to come up with five seriously special ways to remember your baby’s first (or second, or third) summer.

Make a Shadowbox.
Choose a few favorite things to help remember the good times (baby’s first shovel or bathing suit, a photo standing at the shore) and create a framed vignette in the spirit of Darcy Miller’s beautiful scrapboxes.

Sew a memory quilt.
Save your favorite beach hats, bathing suits, cover-ups, and sundresses for a memory quilt using fabric swatches from each. If you’re feeling up for the task, take cues from Martha Stewart and do it yourself.  Otherwise, commission Jelly Bean Quilts to take care of it for you.

Build a gallery wall.
Capture classic moments—footprints in the sand, the first taste of ice cream, baby’s tiny bottom in an itsybitsy bikini—and assemble a  wall of pictures. Choose your own frames and layout or go for the cookie-cutter-yet-chic option from The Perfect Picture Wall.

Design a Coffee Table Book.
Catalogue your weekend at Grandma’s, family BBQ, and that first dip in the ocean—all in one beautiful keepsake coffee table book.  Mac users can easily create a book on iPhoto, or build one page-by-age using Blurb or Picaboo. Bonus: copies of the book will make great holiday gifts for the inlaws.

Weblog the moments.
If your mom is anything like ours, she’ll want a blow-by-blow of baby’s summertime fun. Our favorite blog templates are at iWeb and BabyJellyBeans.

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