It’s not easy to host a cool baby shower. By nature, they’re the antithesis of cool. That said, there are better ways to entertain guests than with “Pin the Sperm on the Egg.” For some suggestions, we asked our expert tastemakers—the founders of SISSY + MARLEY—to come up with five entertainment ideas that don’t suck.

Ask guests to bring their favorite postpartum remedy: a bottle of wine to calm new-mom jitters, an eye mask for sleep-deprived puffiness, or a chic to-do list notepad for mommy brain forgetfulness.

New parents are always reluctant to ask for help. Make their newest (and toughest) job easier by having your guests sign up in advance to lend a hand.  Laundry. Date night babysitting. Moral support during witching hour. Late-night feedings. Anyone?

Recruit your guests to make charming barrettes for a baby girl. All you’ll need are glue guns, ribbon, and lots of silver barrettes. (Just skip the large bow headbands, please.)

New moms get bombarded with unsolicited advice. Might as well formalize the process by having guests put their best advice in a “suggestion box.” Optional: the mom-to-be can read the submissions aloud, and the best piece of advice wins a prize. We hope it gets better than “sleep when the baby sleeps.”

By the third trimester, it’s hard for most expecting moms to think about much beyond the baby. Refocus the guest-of-honor on herself by asking guests to bring pictures, ticket stubs, or any other mementos that illustrate her (hopefully storied) past. Together you can create a keepsake book she’ll cherish—and perhaps keep under lock and key—forever.