Our trusted (and hilarious) Gear Guy, Jamie Grayson (a.k.a. The Baby Guy NYC), weighs in on four new products we think you’ll love: a revolutionary double stroller,a new line of gas-preventing bottles, a cool on-the-go potty, and a fantastic portable high-chair.

Kinderwagon Hop, $299.99
Double strollers come in three variations: side-by-side, tandem, and in-line. So when Kinderwagon contacted me about a “stadium-seating” style double stroller, I was VERY excited to get my hands on the Hop and give it a whirl. The verdict: I like it. A lot.

For starters, the Kinderwagon Hop is a double umbrella stroller with nearly the same footprint as a single. While the lower front seat reclines a bit and can be used from 6 months, the upper back seat reclines flat enough to be used from birth, according to industry standards—although I suggest waiting until the baby is 3 months. The Hop is relatively light, has nice chunky wheels, and the angled handles help you get really great leverage when steering and bumping over curbs. A rain shield and canopy are included as well, and the undercarriage bag is roomy and accessible. Drawbacks: it doesn’t automatically lock when folded; and the rear recline mechanism doesn’t hold the seat in place when the stroller is collapsed, so the seat can flop about a bit in transit. www.kinderwagon.com

Green-To-Grow Mellow Anti-Colic System
Bottles and breast pumps are always the trickiest products for me to review. Luckily, I was able to test the new Green to Grow Anti-Colic Mellow bottles while I was with my twin nieces (a.k.a. “the Nuggets”).

Obsessed. To be fair, it took the Nuggets a few times to adjust to the new nipples, but once they did, we were all very, very happy. Less burping was needed, but more important: there’s less to clean. While most bottles on the market have multi-part ventilation systems, the Mellow nipples have a ventilation hole built directly into the nipple. Brilliant. So there are just three parts to clean: nipple, ring, bottle. It’s that easy. Plus, the Mellow system stays true to Green to Grow’s commitment to making bottles that are free from BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates and nitrosamines—not to mention darn cute.  www.greentogrow.com

My Carry Potty, $29.99
Yes, I played with a training toilet in a restaurant last week. What sets the My Carry Potty (a recent UK import) apart from its portable potty friends is its discreet nature. When folded, it looks more like a small suitcase—handle and all—than a small toilet. Another cool feature is the leak-proof seal, which keeps the, um, contents stored inside until you can dispose of them. It comes in cute colors, and doesn’t trash the environment with disposable bags. www.mycarrypotty.com

phil&teds Lobster, $79.99
Considering the popularity and success of phil&teds’ original portable high chair, the MeToo, I have been waiting (not so patiently) for the new seat to arrive. It has. It kicks butt.

The Lobster (so named, I imagine, for its large attachment “claws”) is one rugged clip-on eating chair. There is a 5-point harness in the seat, more padding, and a rounded back to make the chair more comfortable for long-term users. The attachment vice accommodates table widths up to 3.7 inches, which means families with butcher-block eating counters finally have a clip-on chair they can use. Like the MeToo, the Lobster also collapses for portability, plus it comes with its own travel bag and tray (!) That’s right. No more damaged tabletops. It holds 37 pounds of eating machine, so your tot can use it for a long, long time. Warning: table lips can be an issue. www.philandteds.com