For a generation that grew up wearing baby oil in the sun and riding in cars without seat belts, we sure have turned out to be a bunch of worrywarts. For better or worse, we worry about what we put on our kids’ skin. We worry about what their utensils are made from. We worry about the number of minutes they watch TV. We worry about where their toys are made. Exhausting, but true. With that in mind, we rounded up five great resources for policing the stuff that worries us.

Before you take your tot to see the latest Disney release, visit to read expert and parent reviews, and to find out the details of the inappropriate (scary) parts. They also review TV shows, books, games, music, websites, and apps.

If you’re nursing and wondering whether it’s okay to have another cup of peppermint tea, has a comprehensive list of what’s safe (and what’s not) while breastfeeding.

Parabens, formaldehyde, and carcinogens, oh my. rates skincare products for babies on a 0-10 scale for hazards including chemicals, toxins, and allergens.

On, you can search for BPA-free baby products and supplies within categories ranging from toys and teethers to bibs and sippys.

You should of course wash all your fruits and veggies. But for a list of the ones you really really really need to wash, check out the Dirty Dozen list on