Any parent of two (or more) will tell you that the best gift for a second baby is one that comes with a little something for the older sibling as well. (It majorly helps cut down on the jealousy meltdowns.) With that in mind, here are five great gift ideas for congratulating newly appointed Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

ERGObaby Doll Carrier, $25
Ergo’s pint-sized carrier trumps the usual toy strollers as a modern way to cart around a baby doll, just like mama.

Magna-Tiles, $49.95
We’ve never seen a toy that holds a tot’s attention longer (a godsend for nursing moms).

Myself Belt, $24.99
Anything that offers an opportunity for an “I did it myself!” moment is a sure thing.

MJK Knits Flap Hat, $49.99
No matter how competitive a sibling might feel toward a new baby, he or she will dig the idea of matching hats. (And of course parents are total suckers for it, too.)

Lakeshore Week-by-Week Calendar, $29.95
The [fun] routine of changing the day, date, and weather every morning can bring a wee bit of organization and stability to an upheaved kid’s world.