It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Or so the song goes. To give the lyric a little street-cred, we asked the trusted StrollerTraffic Expert Panel for tips on what we can all do to get ourselves—and our tots—through the holidays safely, peacefully, joyfully, and in style.

Fitness Buff Kristi Molinaro says you can combat holiday calories with a 15-minute at-home workout. “The holiday season can be a very challenging time to squeeze in trips to the gym, but let’s be honest—it’s probably one of the most important times to stick with your fitness regime.”

To do Kristi’s 30/60/90® At Home 15-Minute Workout, all you need is a second hand on your watch or a timer on your cell phone, plus a chair and a little bit of space.

1. 60 seconds of jumping jacks
2. 30 seconds of push-ups (go to knees to modify, if necessary)
3. 45 seconds of jumping jacks
4. 15 seconds of push-ups
5. 60 seconds of squat jumps (omit the jump to modify, if necessary)
6. 30 seconds of triceps dips on chair
7. 45 seconds of squat jumps
8. 15 seconds of triceps dips
9. 60 seconds of squat-thrusts (start standing, then place hands on floor and jump or step back to plank and jump or step back in to standing, then repeat)
10. Plank for 30 seconds (go to knees for plank to modify, if necessary)
11. 45 seconds of squat-thrusts
12. Plank for 45 seconds
13. 30 seconds of squat-thrusts
14. Plank for 60 seconds
15. 50 full sit-ups or crunches

Whew! That ought to do it.

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