Traveling without kids’ DVDs is inconceivable to us. Still, there’s always a little twang of mom-guilt when they watch that Blue’s Clues episode for the 43rd time. So we did a little research and discovered two fabulous children’s DVDs (and by fabulous we mean both educational and entertaining) to get us through tomorrow—the busiest travel day of the year.

Look Out World Here I Come is a series of interactive 30-minute DVDs that takes tots on virtual visits to cities around the world—mixing real sights and sounds with fun graphics. The British-speaking animated characters are totally adorable, and the theme song has some serious sing-along appeal. New York is the first (and only) city in the series, but soon they’ll be releasing Chicago and San Francisco. Appropriate for kids aged 2 and up; $19.95 at

The Little Pim series of foreign language immersion DVDs brilliantly introduces toddlers to other languages through the playful repetition of about sixty primary vocabulary words—taught by a lovable animated panda bear. The DVDs are narrated by native speakers, and are available in the following languages: Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Hebrew, English, German, Arabic, and Russian. $17.95 for individual DVDs, or $49.95 for a three-pack, at