The refrigerator only has room for so many masterpieces. There are lots of ways to display your children’s scribbles, but we found four companies that transform artwork into cool stuff you can actually use.

Formia Design turns doodles into jewelry. Email your child’s drawing to Formia, and they’ll design a sterling silver replica that can be worn as a pendant, bracelet, key chain, or earrings. Prices vary with customization, but generally fall in the $100-$200 range.

Land’s End customizes tote bags with artwork. Email a scanned image of any drawing to Land’s End, and they’ll print or embroider it on a canvas tote. Prices start at $35 for a medium-size printed tote, and go up to $202 for a large embroidered tote.

Artimus Art creates coffee-table books out of art projects. Mail a pile of artwork to Artimus for professional scanning on glossy pages. They’ll fill a beautiful hardcover book with reproductions of your kid’s paint, crayon, pencil, or sticker creations. $120 for a 24-page custom book.

Red Stamp uses hand-drawn sketches as graphics for stationery. Upload your favorite piece of toddler art, and the designers at Red Stamp will create custom note cards with strategically placed “graphics” from your child’s drawing. (Works well with your child’s hand-written name, too.) From $1.24 per card.