We’re feeling a little “over” the owl trend (adorable though it’s been). So we asked a bunch of tastemakers in the design world—from giggle’s marketing guru, Grace Lee, to the Oh Joy! and Abbey Goes Design Scouting bloggers—for the next “it” animal. The response was nearly unanimous: the giraffe.

Here, Jennifer Sbranti—talented Hostess with the Mostess blogger (and expecting mom!)—rounds up the most stylish giraffe-inspired nursery accessories. Read on for her tips on how to implement a nursery theme without getting too matchy-matchy, and visit hwtm daily blog to see her corresponding giraffe-décor inspiration board.

GET INSPIRED Start with an inspiration piece that you especially love, whether it’s a unique light fixture, an adorable wall mural, or a crib bedding set, then build your entire nursery around that piece. This will streamline the planning process and help to make design decisions much easier.

IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS Instead of focusing on large items like furniture and window treatments to be the primary drivers of your theme, use decorative accents such as framed prints, plush toys, throw pillows, and vinyl wall stickers to bring it to life.

MIX IT UP Repeating the exact same pattern in different areas of the room can start to feel overly matchy-matchy, so make sure there’s good variety in the both the style and type of references to your theme. For example, an alphabet poster featuring a giraffe for the letter G, a giraffe-print blanket, and a minimalist giraffe coin bank all reference the signature theme, but in completely different ways.

THINK OUTSIDE THE THEME Avoid being overly literal with your star subject, and be sure to add a few different elements that naturally complement it. For example, a tree-shaped clothes tree, leaf patterns, and other safari animals such as elephants and rhinos are great options for helping to play up a giraffe theme without overdoing it on the giraffes.

BALANCING ACT Once the key elements of your nursery are in place, find creative solutions for any areas that might feel disconnected. For example, place a throw pillow made from the same fabric as the crib bedding onto the rocking chair that’s across the room, or trim a lampshade on the side table with bands of ribbon that match the colors in your wall art.

—Jennifer Sbranti, Founder + Editor-in-Chief, Hostess with the Mostess blog