Summer’s almost over (don’t shoot the messenger). So we hit up Amy Tan, the crafty-chic designer behind Amy Tangerine (and a self-proclaimed scrapbooking addict), for some creative ways to help your kids preserve their summer vacation memories:

Make bookmarks for the upcoming school year. Simply cut a piece of cardstock into a strip, decorate it with scraps from the summer (photos, ticket stubs, flat shells), and have it laminated at an office supply store. Let your little ones create their own scrapbooks. Upload your summer pictures to a sharing site (, and have your kids select their favorite images to order. Pick up some stickers and embellishments from your local craft store, and let them go nuts. Store the pages they create in binders from American Crafts—you can also purchase 4×6 protector sheets that hold six photos or post cards per side. Make a summer soundtrack. Create an iTunes mix of your family’s favorite songs from the summer, burn the mix to a CD, and decorate the cover with a photo and a simple “Summer 2009” label sticker. Cast your baby’s feet in sand. If you’re spending summer days at the beach, the Sandy Feet Casting Kit is a super fun keepsake.