In honor of Father’s Day we’re giving props to the dads who have discovered ways to make our lives easier. Here are five of our favorite products created for kids by their entrepreneuring dads.

Wee See DVDs. Black-and-white graphic animations set to music. These insanely cool DVDs will loll even the wildest baby into a near-coma. Frankly, we can’t stop playing on the website. It’s just so damn cool.

Ouchies. Fun bandages for kids who think SpongeBob Band-Aids are babyish (think dragons for boys and pink camouflage for girls). Keep an eye out for Ouchies’ new line of Little Miss and Mr. Men bandages, due in July.

Punky Wipes. Plant-based, bio-degradable wipes designed for cleaning up messy strollers, car seats and high chairs. Save your other wipes for baby’s bum, as intended.

Wee Web. A baby-centric social networking site. Everyone knows if you post too many pictures of your kids on Facebook, your friends will hide you from their newsfeeds.

Babyganics. Household cleaning products that won’t poison babies. And get this: they actually work.