There are so many new fashion labels for babies, it’s impossible to keep up. But that doesn’t stop us from trying. Right now, we’ve got the following up-and-coming brands on our Next Big Thing radar:

Go Gently Baby. We want the peace pant in every color. Half Dot, Brooklyn. The to-die-for hooded plaid coats will be available online starting this August. Chapter One Organics. We’re all about the comfy-cute earthluxe organic romper collection. Clover New York. Their fabulous fabrics are evocative of Rajasthan (kinda like how Tea Collection evokes Japan). Simple (Ugg’s cousin label). We’re already obsessed with their first toddler line—washable suede, non-marking outsoles and awesome kid colors (pictured above and due out this fall).

But as all you celebrity gossip addicts know, the best way to discover trendsetting brands is to pay attention to what the famous tots are wearing. So we asked Celebrity Baby Blog Founder and Senior Editor Danielle Friedland what the mini stars have been wearing lately. Here’s what she’s seen.

* John wearing a Glug Baby Monkey Tee
* Everly wearing a FreeCity youngones Dove Hoody
* Nahla
wearing babyNV’s Stax Smock Dress
* Henry wearing Harajuku Lovers Music 2fer
* Peyton wearing Me-In-Mind‘s Mary Janes in Patent Black.