With the rising mercury come stronger UV rays-and that wicked sidewalk glare. Sun block and sunglasses do their part for the toddler set, as long as you’re buying shades designed for UV protection and not just to look cute. (Try Baby Banz, Julbo, and Eyes Cream Shades.)

But for total block-out options, we asked our resident gear guy, Jamie Grayson, to dish up the best bets for car window blinds and stroller sunshades. Here are his picks for a squint-free, sunburn-free summer.

The UPPAbaby Bubble is a great 3-in-1 protector (UV screen, insect net, and rain shield) that fits most infant car seats and keeps your stroller looking tidier than the usual shower curtain liner look-alikes.  The downside: when the rain shield is in use, you can only see your child from the side.

Protect-a-Bub Sun Shades are basically gigantic stretchy visors that fit atop existing stroller canopies.  They’re universal, meaning they work on everything, and come in various sizes and two colors:  black and navy. They get a little stretched out and dilapidated over time, but still cast a great shadow.

Ah, the very cute Bugaboo Universal Parasol.  The nice thing about the Parasol (aside from its being cute) is that you always have full access to your baby, whose view isn’t obstructed. The Parasol also throws shade on bare legs better than the visors. But it requires constant adjusting to block the sun.

Even if your car windows are tinted, the sun can still blaze in the back seat.  Suction cup blinds (like Munchkin’s White Hot Cling Shade) and static-cling screens (like the new Fisher Price Stay-in-Place Sun Shade) will help remedy this. Just keep in mind neither option is fool proof: suction cups lose their stickiness and screens peel off. And ultimately the kids will rip ‘em both off the windows. But they’re great while they last.