A cool mom with a well-behaved kid has invited you over for a play date. Nice. The best way to insure a second date? Bring these five essentials.

1. Fun toys. Of course the best part of a play date is the thrill your baby gets from playing with someone else’s toys. Still, it’s polite to bring some of your own. Label them with personalized Stuck On You labels (we love their new surfboard-inspired Endless Summer collection).

2. A blanket. Whether you’re meeting in the park or at someone’s house, bring a picnic-size blanket to try and contain your baby’s slobber and crumbs. The Essentials Blanket from JJ Cole ($30) has a nylon lining that wipes clean, plus weighted edges to keep toddlers from tripping.

3. Healthy snacks. Our new favorite goldfish alternatives are Annie’s Organic Snack Mix Bunnies and Happy Baby Organic Puffs. Stash ‘em in a Boon Snack Ball or a Munchkin Snack Catcher. And if your child tends to run around with a sippy in hand, at least make sure it’s a no-spill kind, like Nuby’s No Spill Sippy Gripper.

4. A hostess gift. We’re not talking flowers or a fancy candle . . . just something small for the baby host, like stickers.

5. Your manners. Take notice of (and respect) your cool new mom friend’s house rules, whether it’s “No Shoes on the Rug” or “No Eating on the Couch.” Bring enough snacks to share (but don’t offer without permission). And, for the love of God, don’t overstay your welcome.