Is it just us, or is the backlash against matchy-matchy letting up? Maybe on some subconscious level, coordinating colors is a calming antidote to the financial chaos. Or, not. Maybe it’s just that customizing wall letters to match your nursery décor is really freaking cute.

In any case, it’s the trendlet of the moment. Online stores like JCJ Silver and The Writing on The Walls will hand-paint the letters that spell your baby’s name to complement (or perfectly match) any pattern, including your crib bedding. Cool, right? (And P.S., it’s an awesome baby shower gift.)

Trends aside, what should you keep in mind when decorating a nursery? “The most beautiful nurseries start off as beautiful rooms, period,” says David Netto, founder of Netto Collection. Good point, we think. So what else does Netto suggest?

“You will be spending a lot of time in this room, too: feeding, sleeping, watching, cleaning. So make it a serene place that lifts your spirits, not just a room full of goofy kids’ stuff (which will come anyway).”

“Put one beautiful piece of serious furniture in there that you will always enjoy looking at, which is what the Netto Collection is all about.”

“Include a smallish, dimmable lamp (or a globe that lights up) . . . something to provide a wondrous source of nighttime magical illumination. Your kids will LOVE it, and you will feel better as you step out saying goodnight.”

“Pink, blue and yellow are not the only options for paint. Try to expand your mind and consider options like celadon green, three white walls and one dark brown glossy wall, or lovely grasscloth wallpaper in any color.”

“Put a model ship in there for good luck, whether it’s a boy or a girl.”

“Pairs of things can calm a room and fight the feelings of chaos you will have in your child’s room over time, especially as things accumulate. Hang a pair of mirrors, find room for a pair of chairs-do that kind of thing, and you will get a head start on keeping things looking shipshape and well-composed.”

        –David Netto, Netto Collection