It happens to most new moms: one day, you go to squeeze the bathwater from your child’s favorite rubber duckie and out comes scary black chunks of mold. (Yes, mold.)

It’s inevitable. If your bath toys are squirters, water will get trapped inside and grow mold. The solution? Buy duckies that are sealed on the bottom (no squirt holes!). We found some decent ones by Munchkin and Schylling, but we hit the jackpot when we discovered that Boon is adding a collection of sealed (and adorable) duckies to their PVC-free, phthalate-free, PbA-free line of mold-resistant bath toys. Yay! The “Odd Ducks” collection (pictured) will debut on the Boon website and in Target stores this summer (July-ish).

In the meantime, here are Boon founder Rebecca Finell’s tips for keeping a gross-free tub:

•  Rinse toys after every single bath (or wipe them down with sanitary wipes).
• After rinsing, get the toys up off the tub floor to air-dry. You can store them in Boon’s Frog Pod, or in a net with suction cups. Net users should wash their nets with bleach once a month.
•  Run toys through the dishwasher whenever they begin to feel slimy.
•  Wash the tub with a partial bleach solution every few weeks to really disinfect.