When we first heard that stationer Sarah Drake was designing custom logos for babies we thought, Cool. Then we thought, “Um, so exactly what do you do with a baby logo?” Throw a kick-ass birthday party, for starters. You can use the logo for invitations and thank you notes, of course. But what about confetti, t-shirt iron-ons and temporary tattoos? Those are just a few of the extras Drake offers as a part of her new Mini Monogram program. “You can also order custom napkins and balloons, or have your confectioner pipe the design onto the birthday cake,” says Drake.

Parties aside, Drake suggests using your baby’s personalized logo for embroidered blankets, engraved charms or pendants for mom, or an engraved silver spoon. “You can also add the logo to your baby blog or photo-sharing site, create rubber stamps for marking books and stamping party bags, and even order a custom backpack for pre-school.” Too cute. To commission a custom baby logo ($450), visit sarahdrakedesign.com.