Why Shouldn't Your Morning Stroll Should Feel Like The Runway?
Bugaboo has introduced the (very) limited Atelier Collection for the Cameleon3 and Buffalo, set to debut this fall.  The collection features faux leather details and stone melange fabrics.  Starting at $1,319, available for pre-order at…
Toddlers will love wheeling around their own sweet pink Luggy Basket from Olli Ella. This handmade carrier is just the right size for shopping with mom or going on an outdoor adventure. $75, available at
Because Lounging Is Important Work.
The Pello Luxe Floor Pillow provides comfort and support, promotes muscle development, and encourages independent play. It serves as a floor pillow, play mat and security blanket that stays with a child as they grow. $120, available at
Double Duty Training Pants.
BottomZz Up underwear are unlike any other training pants. Made of 100% cotton, they allow kids to feel wet but still trap accidents protecting clothes, car seats, and your Persian rug. Available soon at
Potty Training Do’s and Don’ts
Every mom’s dream is to teach her child to potty train quickly and with no mess. Instead, lots of us find that it becomes the absolute worst job in toddler parenthood, with tantrums and crying (from baby AND mama). It … Continued
One Easy Clean-Up.
3 Sprout's play mat bag is just that: a canvas toy storage bag that unfolds into a play mat for easy clean-up and portability.  Leave the toys on it, fold it up, and go. $24.99, available at
A Toddler Table Staple.
Brinware uses tempered glass and silicon to create tableware that's as safe as it is durable.  The line features plates, storage containers, placemats, and bibs in bright colors featuring eye-catching scenes.  From $7.49, available at…
With a 1,000-foot range, BÉABA's MiniCall Audio Baby Monitor allows mama to get things done while baby's napping. It’s a charming coral color, is shock resistant, and charges quickly from a USB. $59.95, available July 29 at…
C is for Customizable.
Chatbooks has partnered with children's author and illustrator Dallas Clayton on a personalized ABC book. Use your own photos and memories to represent the ABC's and create your babe's new favorite interactive learning tool.  From $14, available at chatbooks.…
Let's Talk Budget, Baby
Nesting is fun.  It can also be expensive. The line between "need" and "want" can get a little fuzzy when preparing for your new arrival, so we’ve broken it down to help you understand where to spend, and where to … Continued
Let Baby Hog The Remote.
What is it with babies and remote controls? Let them have it as long as it's Darlyng & Co.'s organic wooden version. The eco-friendly teether is made in the U.S.A.and crafted with maple wood. Translation: it's non-splintering, non-toxic, and anti-bacterial. ……
Break A Sweat, Safely.
The new BOB Revolution FLEX Lunar adds ultra-reflective fabric to the original all-terrain FLEX jogging stroller to keep you visible during early morning and evening jogs and strolls.  $469.99, available for preorder at
A Functional Flower.
Baby bottles come with a lot of parts. The Flower Drying Rack from BÉABA "blooms" open revealing a place for it all, while its sleek compact design keeps your counter clutter-free. $24.95, available for presale at
Ingrid by Ingrid & Isabel features 120 pieces of on-trend denim, dresses, activewear, bras, and their patented belly band to get you from week 1 to 40 fashionably.  $9.99-$39.99, available July 30 at
Keen's Baby Leo Crib shoe has us pining away for cooler temps. The booties do triple duty keeping little feet warm, comfy, and stylish. The elasticized collar helps them stay put. No more searching for the lost shoe! $40,