Ways to Prepare Fido for the New Baby
The first baby – I'm talking about the fur baby, not the human baby – will be in for many changes once a newborn is brought home. Here are some tips from experts on how to prepare so that the … Continued
Copper Pearl Bandana Bibs are both functional and stylish. Made of 100% cotton knit on the front and 100% soft, absorbent polyester fleece on the back, the "bibdanas" absorb drool and dribble. Trendy patterns and colors make them the perfect … Continued
Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot...
The new FeverFrida by FridaBaby checks baby's temperature every four seconds with a bitty Bluetooth monitor and patch worn under the arm. Mama's smart phone is alerted should the temperature climb too high, and it even gives medicine dose reminders. … Continu…
Planning a Fabulous First Birthday Party
Some of us started planning our baby's first birthday party the moment our baby was born, and some of will wait to start thinking about it until a few weeks before the big day. Either way, use these easy ideas … Continued
Curl Up With This Book
A blue pup, colorful flaps and tags, unbreakable mirror, and sweet storyline, make this soft baby book from DOUGLAS perfect for bedtime snuggles. $14.95.
What You See is What You Get.
Sprout Organic Baby Food serves up exactly what is on the label – 100% whole fruits and vegetables that are certified organic and made with non-GMO ingredients. Keep an eye out for new clear pouches. $1.59,
Keep These 6 Things in Mind When Choosing a Day Care
Many parents start to look for childcare as soon as they know they’re expecting. They often consider cost and location first, since they are easy to determine and help to whittle down the possibilities to an acceptable list. However, parents … Continued