Basic Is Often Best.
INIMINI's new line of unisex baby basics features pieces like onesies, tees and pants, blankets, and burp cloths in bold, highly-saturated hues. $19-34, available at
What Belongs In Your Baby's Bottle
We all want the very best when it comes to our babies’ nutrition. Whether you’re supplementing or exclusively formula-feeding, what goes into that bottle matters. The formula you choose is one part of the equation, but the quality of water … Continued
Scout Review: Mountain Buggy juno | Sponsored
When Mountain Buggy introduced the juno carrier, we were psyched to see the most important carrier qualities listed among its features: Ergonomic positioning? Check. Supportive waistband? Check. Comfy straps? Check. Healthy fabrics? Check.  But of course you …
These Dish (And Bottle) Soaps Smell Delish.
Dapple has just added three scents — mango and melon, apricot, and apple and pear — to its lineup of Dish Liquids. They're all phthalate and paraben-free, and formulated with odor-fighting baking soda to wash away milk residue (and everything else). $5.99, av…
Stokke has introduced two new models of the MyCarrier: The 2-in-1 offers forward- and inward-facing positions; the 3-in-1 also lets baby ride on your back. Both feature a padded head support and adjustable sizing. $149-199, available at
Keep It Clean.
Munchkin's new STEP diaper pail has a foot pedal, so hands stay clean. The pail uses a combo of lavender Arm & Hammer baking soda and self-sealing technology to lock odors inside. $89.99, available at