There's something special about the first time you meet up with a bestie after she's announced her pregnancy. And while etiquette doesn't require a gift, it's nice to bring something thoughtful. A small gift with a tiny-person aww factor (like … Continued
Get Your Act Together
Ask a room full of moms, Who let something slip through the cracks today?, and plenty of hands will raise. When little ones are under foot, chores, tasks, even conversations can take twice as long as in the pre-baby days. … Continued
The It Backpack For Summer.

Available in the US for the first time (and sized for toddlers), UK-import PaddlePak is water-resistant and uses the same roll-top seal as adult outdoor bags. Choose from nine aquatic animals, and get this—the tail fin is a functional pocket. $25,…

Pictures of the kids make great gifts for those who love them. Especially when they're artfully displayed on the items we use every day. Here, nine of our favorite photo gifts for the grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, husbands, and wives … Continued