Due to a choking hazard, Fred & Friends has recalled three styles of Chill Baby pacifiers: the Artiste (with a black mustache), Volume (with a black volume control knob), and Panic (with a red panic button). For details about the affected styles and obtaining…

Britax B-Agile, Britax B-Agile Double, and BOB Motion strollers are being recalled due to laceration hazards caused by the strollers' folding mechanism. Eight reported incidents—including one partial finger amputation, one broken finger, and several severe la…

Inspired Mom of the Month: Judy Reyes
Through our partnership with ViaCord, we continue to feature limelighted moms who inspire us through the work they do to better the lives of women and children. This month, we caught up with Bronx-born actor Judy Reyes, who plays nurse … Continued
Parents Are People, Too.

Most "parenting" books focus strictly on the impact parents have on their kids. But All Joy and No Fun, the thoughtful new book from journalist Jennifer Senior, examines the effects (and there are many) that kids have on their parents. $20.24 at barnesandnobl…

Kale Is So 2013
Don't get us wrong—we're all for nutrient-packed leafy greens. But there are only so many days in a row we can dish up kale before we (and our kids) want a break. Nutritionist Amy Shapiro, founder of Real Nutrition NYC … Continued
Counter Space Is A Valuable Resource.

That's why we love Patch, Boon's latest (and smallest) version of their Grass line of drying racks. This one's narrow enough to fit on a windowsill or behind the sink. (A Fly accessory expands its drying capacity without taking up extra square inches.) $15.99…

Keep Germs Off Your Baby | Sponsored
Count your blessings if your family has managed to ward off this year's nasty norovirus and flu bugs—so far. Flu season is hardly over, and now's the time to be as diligent as ever about protecting your little ones from … Continued
Some registry items are obvious—onesies, bottles, a car seat. But other items—even ones you really, really need—are often overlooked by new parents. If we were expecting in 2014, here are ten things we'd be sure to have on hand when … Continued