Lots Of Moms Get Stressed About Breastfeeding.

A new study in the journal Pediatrics found that 92 percent of mothers have concerns related to breastfeeding (about things like milk production and latching success) in the early days of infancy, and that these worries are correlated with giving up exclusive…

Deck The Walls
Painted walls can be lovely, and subtle wallpaper chic, but for DIY enthusiasts looking to add more wow factor to the perimeter of baby's room, here are five gorgeous ideas from our talented friends at Project Nursery.   Triangulation: Wall … Continued

Mimo features an organic cotton onesie with machine washable sensors that measure a baby's breathing. Add the Mimo Turtle, and it also tracks skin temp, body position, and activity level. All data goes to the Mimo Lilypad, which sends it to your smartphone so…

New Thoughts On Sleep
Ahhh . . . sleep. Remember sleep? It’s what parents crave most, and what babies and toddlers never seem to do quite enough of. And we’ll read anything we can get our hands on that might help us get more. … Continued