Flame Retardants Are The New BPA.

There's been a buzz about the dangers of flame retardant chemicals—especially in pajamas—for a while now. But a new study found that a shocking 80 percent of car seats, portable cribs, and other baby furniture and products contain hig…

Brown Orbits Are So 2010.

Orbit's new Color Packs for the G2 stroller come in nine colors, and include a full upholstery set and matching sunshade. They'll be available for pre-order ($120) at starting in June.

Cheap Thrills

Shopping is a lot more fun when you don’t pay full price. (Which explains why every mom we know is addicted to Gilt Children.) Our scouts filled us in on their favorite ways to save money on the Web.

Good Times

It’s not easy to host a cool baby shower. By nature, they’re the antithesis of cool. That said, there are better ways to entertain guests than with “Pin the Sperm on the Egg.” For some suggestions, we asked our expert tastemakers—the founders of …

If you need a laugh—or a reminder that you aren't alone in your nightly bedtime battles—flip through a copy of Go the F**k to Sleep. There's a PDF version of the book making the rounds on email. But if you want a hard copy of your own…